What has diabetes to do with feet?

General_Yoga_StanceDiabetes is one of Australia’s greatest health challenges with 1.2 million people currently diagnosed with the disease. In the last 12 months alone, another 100,000 Australians developed diabetes, that’s about one every 5 minutes. It is estimated that there are another 500,000 people who have diabetes but don’t know it yet [1].

Diabetic foot complications are one of the most common reasons for people with diabetes to require hospitalisation, usually due to a foot ulcer or infection.  These foot complications can lead to amputations and diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputations in Australia [2].

Preventing Foot Problems in Diabetes

Fortunately, many foot complications in diabetes can be prevented when people have the right information and receive the right care. The Australian Government has developed an expert guideline [3] which explains the essential actions needed to prevent diabetic foot complications. The National Evidence-Based Guideline recommends-

  • Every person with diabetes should receive foot care education
  • Every person with diabetes should have a foot assessment for foot complications
  • Foot assessments should include inquiring about previous foot ulcer or amputation history and tests for circulation problems, nerve disease (neuropathy) and foot deformity
  • Based on the foot assessment, a ‘foot risk’ should be given low, intermediate or high
  • People with ‘low risk’ should have a foot assessment every 12 months
  • People with intermediate or high risk feet should have a foot assessment every 3-6 months
  • People with intermediate or high risk should have a foot protection programme which includes foot care education, podiatry assessments and appropriate footwear.

At Footmotion, our podiatrists are very experienced in helping people with diabetes prevent foot complications. In fact, Dr Reed has been involved with a number of research teams examining foot complications in diabetes and some of their findings have been presented at conferences and published internationally. Nerylie Whitecross has over 30 years experience  in hospital and private practice clinics specialising in caring for diabetes related foot problems. We have developed a Comprehensive Diabetes Foot Protection Programme to help prevent foot problems in diabetes.

Comprehensive Diabetes Foot Protection Programme

If you have diabetes, you will benefit from this programme. The programme uses the foot assessments recommended in the expert guideline and adds additional assessments based on up to date research and the latest technology. At Footmotion, your programme includes:

  • Neurological assessment
  • Vascular (circulation) assessment
  • Assessment of foot shape and deformity using physical examination and 3D laser scanning
  • Computerised plantar pressure assessment
  • Footwear assessment and advice
  • Foot care education

Don’t delay- contact the clinic and make an appointment to start your Comprehensive Diabetes Foot Protection Programme TODAY.