LloydAssociate Professor Lloyd Reed (PhD) is an experienced researcher, academic, clinician and former Head of the Podiatry Discipline, School of Clinical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology.  Professor Reed has 30 years of ongoing clinical experience as a podiatrist and has worked in public and private practice settings. As well as his academic role at QUT, he currently holds a position as Director of Podiatry at Footmotion in Brisbane, Australia. His responsibilities at Footmotion include supervision of clinical research and application of evidence-based approaches to all clinical services.

His primary research interests include clinical biomechanics, footwear biomechanics, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and prevention of diabetic foot complications. From 2012 to 2014 he has published 7 international peer-reviewed papers in journals such as Gait and Posture, Medicine Science, Sports and Exercise and BMC musculoskeletal disorders, been  a co-author on “The motion control properties of footwear” chapter in the international text The Science of Footwear, and been a co-author on 14 international/Australasian conference presentations. He is currently supervising 7 PhD/Masters by Research candidates at QUT and the University of South Australia.

Associate Professor Reed has extensive professional experience within podiatry and the university sector, having won numerous faculty, university and National awards for his work as an educator. He has been recognized for his contributions to podiatry and the community by being made an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Podiatry Association.