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FootMotion Podiatry acknowledges the expertise of medical and allied health professionals and the role we can each play in the treatment and management of our clients. We welcome consultation and collaboration to enhance the overall outcomes we can achieve with our clients.

Accredited Practice

We provide a broad range of services to manage clients from young to old, with acute or chronic conditions all in a safe and professional environment with our experienced podiatrists. We have completed the QIP Podiatry Practice Accreditation, making us one of a handful of practices in Queensland to undergo external review of our practice standards.


We also offer a Comprehensive Diabetes Foot Protection Programme for clients with diabetes or other conditions affecting foot sensation and circulation. The programme uses foot assessments recommended in expert guidelines and adds additional assessments based on up to date research and the latest technology. This information is used to evaluate and classify the client’s Foot Risk Status. The results will be discussed with the client highlighting current problems and they will be given advice and treatment tailored to their foot health and risk status. LINK

Bulk Bill

Medical referrals for chronic disease management, team care arrangements or enhanced primary care are welcome and clients are bulk billed for standard care consultations. Extensive consultations involving vascular, neurological and biomechanical assessments will incur a fee as will the prescription and fitting of orthoses.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

FootMotion podiatrists conduct comprehensive biomechanical assessments to diagnose, treat and manage musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to our hands-on assessments, FootMotion Podiatry has sourced state-of-the-art computerised systems for measuring function and posture of client’s feet which provide detailed analysis of gait and balance.


All of our Footmotion podiatrists have worked in the academic teaching or research roles and have a focus on evidence-based care in clinical practice. You can visit our Research page to see titles of recent papers presented at international conferences or published in the international medical and podiatric literature.

Visits to Your Practice

FootMotion Podiatrists are available to visit your practice to provide in-service education for you and your staff on our services and how we can work together to improve the health of our clients.  You are also welcome to arrange a visit to our location in Toowong to see first-hand our facilities and meet our staff.


You can recommend us to your clients or write a referral specifically to our podiatrist. FootMotion Podiatry has custom referral pads designed with easy tick boxes for selecting practitioners, services, conditions to be treated and location map for your use. These can be requested and sent to your practice or you can download the referral form as a pdf HERE.  All our podiatrists are listed in the Medical Objects directory for a fast and secure method of sending referrals and reports. Alternatively we accept referrals directly via facsimile.

Please contact our clinic reception for further details or enquiries. We look forward to working together with you for the enhanced health of our clients.

EMAIL: admin@footmotion.com.au

PHONE: 07 3371 3300

Fax: 07 3371 3000