State of the Art Equipment

To enhance management of your foot health, we have sourced state-of-the-art systems for measuring function and posture of your feet and for detailed analysis of your gait and balance.


The Zebris computerised gait and stance analysis system incorporates pressure plate sensors inbuilt into a treadmill with synchronised video streaming to provide the ultimate analysis of your walking and running gait as well as balance assessment.



We also use the TOG GaitScan system which is perfect for anybody who is not confident walking on a treadmill. These systems provide our podiatrists with a wealth of detailed and accurate information about your foot and lower limb function, so they can give you the best advice possible.


In the Hands of Caring, Experienced Professionals

FOOTMOTION_WEB_#1In addition to using the latest gait analysis technologies, our podiatrists can perform a detailed biomechanical examination of your feet and lower limbs, as well as your standing posture.

With this examination we measure of the movement and alignment of your joints, your muscle strength and overall foot function to provide a complete overview of your total foot and leg function and alignment.

What to Bring for your Biomechanical Examination

If you have an appointment for a Biomechanical Examination and Gait Analysis, it is handy to bring with you a pair of shorts (or pants that can be rolled up comfortably to your knees) and the shoes that you wear most often for work and exercise.